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Summer ice cream and GMO food

By far the best news I heard about today was that Neil deGrasse Tyson defended genetic modification of food. Hurray for GMO food! One of the things that is always annoying is that if you read a lot of food blogs, it would seem that lack of sustainably raised local food is the problem in the world, when in fact a much bigger problem is that the entire world doesn't have enough to eat. If all the smart people in New York worried more about how we feed starving people around the world instead of how to get that CSA so we get that local shit, maybe the world is you know a slightly better place. You know what they should definitely genetically engineer more? Figs. That shit be too expensive and so delicious. I tried some fig ice cream from Il Laboratorio del Gelato in the Lower East Side and while I enjoyed it, I think fig is just not a fruit that translates to ice cream as well as say... strawberries.


A more successful flavor that we tried was their toasted marshmallow. I recently bought some Turkey Hill's ice cream from my local grocery store. Man, have any of you out there had that? It's like Edy's, which is to say the flavor is not amazing. But I realized something about eating ice cream in the summer... I don't really fucking care as long as it's ice cream! But are there flavors of Turkey Hill's that's better than others? The pistachio almond is not really a winner. You would think a brand that large would have at least one flavor that's decent... Anyone? Bueller?

I recently saw on facebook that someone wrote how a younger person at her work place had no idea what the fuck Oregon Trail was... am I getting too old?

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  • my dad is possibly turkey hill cherry vanilla's biggest fan. i'm not quite at his level on it, but it's not bad.

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