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For individuals prone to pessimistic thinking, there's always the danger to not see the world properly the way everyone else sees it. There must be something to the idea that some individuals see the world in rose colored glasses while others are colorblind. With a stylistic menu and a friendly looking counter, one might easily assume that Parm is a just another diner. Except it's in Little Itatly. In Manhattan. When's the last time you saw a restaurant dressed as a diner with actual diner personality (and by personality I mean prices)? I wonder how most people see Parm...


We tried two types of their parm platters a few months back. They looked like plates that you might find at a diner, but just neater and nicer. Of course it's hard to go wrong with something like chicken parm, which essentially is fried meat with red sauce and cheese on top... The highlight was actually the side dish that came with the parm. It's probably worth your while to get a large portion of the baked ziti all by itself because it's the rare time when the undercard is even better than the main event. I think Parm is definitely a worthwhile place to try and the atmosphere is quite cozy. Whether the prices mean it's as friendly as it might seem, I guess that just depends on what colored glasses you're wearing.

248 Mulberry St.
Manhattan, NY 10012

Map to find Parm

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