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Get a couple Portguese egg tarts

A quick detour from the vacation posts. To give you an idea just how damn slow I am, those vacation posts are nearly seven months old. At the current rate, I won't finish til it's been a full year since the vacation. But a break is necessary sometimes. Every year around the first few months of the year, I beseech for my market value on the job market. Just like the last few years, it has been a sobering and humbling experience to realize just how dire I might feel if layoffs ever come. Apparently I'm not very employable, but at least I have a job now, right? Excuse me while I look for some wood... As I was saying though, we all need a break. If you take one in Chinatown, you can confidently try the Portuguese egg tart at Simply Bakery. They make both kinds of egg tarts but really, the ones emblazoned with burn marks are the ones you want anyway.


I remember these tiny treats to be one dollar, but I could be mistaken about their current street price. They, unlike a fossilized web developer, only adjust price upward. But fear not, it's still a bargain compared to some other things you can get in Chinatown. Lately I've realized that Chinese bakery prices have gone up compared to what I remember from a few years ago. In fact, my old favorite bakery, Dragon Land, definitely only has sweet buns that are OVER $1. My goodness... don't they know their clientele?!


To be honest, I haven't tried the other baked offerings at Simply Bakery except for these egg tarts and their plain white bread. It's possible the rest of their items are indistinguishable from the sea of average Chinese Bakeries. But, not every bakery does Portuguese egg tart, therefore I'm inclined to think they know what they're doing to some level. And really, it's one of the cleaner and nicer looking bakeries in Chinatown, so pop in for a egg tart next time.

Simply Bakery
70 Bayard St.
New York, NY 10013

Map to find Simply Bakery

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  • Seriously Danny? Simply Bakery?

    Bread Talk FTW.

  • Yup, nice and clean in there. Mini-pineapple buns aren't so great though.

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