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King Cake from Pistache NY

One of the things that successful and well-to-do and people who want to make the world a better place don't understand about the rest of us is that resentment and indignation brews often and boils hot. As a result, we often feel like underdogs. Highly paid sports athletes somehow seem to rob that mentality from those of us who truly deserve it in order to succeed. More power to them I guess... but for the rest of us who actually feel that day-to-day, this shades one's worldview into a tunnel vision for other underdogs, and others who are managing in a salmon-upstream like struggle for recognition or success. It's often difficult to ascertain good value in the food world, but my bias is often towards those who have less name recognition. Today's subject is the northern French King Cake.


Wikipedia says that these are called galette des rois or 'cake of kings' according to google translate. Wikipedia says the northern version of the King Cake consists of "flaky puff pastry layers with a dense center of frangipane." Now obviously in New York you could order this from any number of places. There are quite a few French bakeries that do this in January, least of which is the cronut bakery aka, Dominique Ansel Bakery. But like I just said... let us root for the underdog, the one who doesn't jet set around the world or live in the limelight... let's get our King Cake from a small two women shop called Pistache NY. To be sure, they're not a store front, but they do catering business and have been in New Amsterdam Market. And you have to order King Cake in advance from any bakery anyway because they don't just make this and wait for people to come and buy it.


The one that Steph ordered was pistachio flavored and was big enough to server four to six normal individuals, or two food bloggers. Calculate your own orders accordingly... Here's where I think you win on value... because smaller and lesser known food artisans are less likely to skimp on quality since they have less clients. It would be terrible business practice to be shoddy when you're not like globally known. And the King Cake from Pistache was just exquisite. The top was crisp and the pistachio filling also had tiny chocolate chips in it as well. They certainly were generous on the filling and it was much appreciated. I mean, that's the good part right?

Our King Cake was $33 delivered. Yea that's right... it comes to you. There's probably still time in January to order a King Cake and just try not to crack your teeth on the little figurine in the cake. And don't forget the underdogs of the food world, there's plenty of good things out there and Pistache's King Cake is definitely one of them.

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