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Coffee Place Cart by The New York Times building

Outside the fancy looking New York Times building in Midtown, there sits a tiny cart near the southern entrance. With a name like The Coffee Place, and piles of bagels on the window, you wouldn't expect the cart to churn out made-on-the-spot Mexican food. It's just steps away from Riconcito's awesome tortas. These might be slightly inferior, but they are also just $5 dollars which is great for the wallet. And if you lucky, you can even eat these in the New York Times cafeteria, which lets in amazing light for cell phone photos.


Tacos at the unassuming cart cost $2.50 a piece. They come with some guacamole sauce on top which is pretty nice. Considering you can get three tacos for just $7.50, it's kind of a deal compared with bigger taco trucks in Midtown. Sure, the other taco trucks might be Asian themed and thus a novelty, sometime you just want some simple flavors.


The torta is an even better deal for lunch. Just as Ray Allen's jumper is more pure than Jason Kidd's, the $5 dollar torta is even more of a deal than three tacos. The version at The Coffee Place cart is about the same size as the tortas at Riconncito. I got the one with chorizo and it was tasty enough for the price. For five bucks one shouldn't expect something super fancy, and the torta here is about being straight forward and filling.


If there's something bad to say about the torta, it's that it's messy. I would say that it's not going to blow your mind, but for five dollars, not a lot of things can blow your mind. With McNuggets inflation and you hardly ever get to buy 25 nuggets for five bucks, I would say that being alive in 2013 means super deals just don't exist too often. What you do get when you order at The Coffee Place Cart is that you can imagine that there are days when Sam Sifton or Pete Wells says no to the NYTimes cafeteria, goes down, and eats something that you can afford too.

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