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Some of the best doughnuts in NYC

Doughnuts are the new it thing. You would think that Lady Gaga wrote a song about it or did a runway with a donut dress or something. It just seems like doughnuts are on a natural progression in inheriting the popularity of cupcakes. Pies won't beat cupcakes, although it seems like donuts are about to catch up as one of the fastest growing dessert categories in New York. Best is the dessert that can be consumed in one hand. The Doughnut Plant opened a new location in the Chelsea area of NYC. It's much more accessible now for many New Yorkers. I stopped by because everyone else already did.


No doubt, the popularity of doughnuts was heightened after a recent article by the NYTimes. The Doughnut Plant is the one donut shop in Manhattan that deserves the most repeat visits. Some would say it's the best. There are plenty of good ones in NY, but in the 'city', you'd be most satisfied if you stick to TDP. Be careful as Nicholas warned, don't call it DP! You don't wanna google that at work, it's most definitely NSFW. Although that search might actually be Not Safe in Real Life.

As for the donuts, the pistachio doughnut was able to deliver a smile to me. Nutty bits of pistachio dotted the exterior of the cake donut. Compared to a donut with filling, the pistachio option from The Doughnut Plant could be construed as a bit dry. As a cake donut lover, I was able to make it through without wish for a glass of milk.


The chocolate chip doughnut is a flavor that's exclusive to the Chelsea location of The Doughnut Plant. Cookies generally have a much different texture than donuts. Perhaps some might like the flavor of this donut more than me, but the best part of a chocolate chip cookie is getting some warm melted chips in every bite. The chocolate flavor here did not bowl me over. The pistachio donut was better; I thought this one was merely OK.


The coconut yeast donut is one that would have me becoming a regular customer at The Doughnut Plant. It's much like a regular frosted doughnut with some coconut shavings on the outside. It's a treat that you could tear through with ease due to its lightness. The fluffy exterior gives way to a cream-filled interior that is divine. You'll want to make this coconut donut your very own private diary. Order one, and you'll want no one else to see it, you'll want to share it with no one. If you go with company, get at least two: one for you and let others fight for the remainder.


Yes, doughnuts are popular now. And in NY, The Doughnut Plant seems to have figured out a way to capture the attention of both the large publications and everyday eaters like you and me. The Chelsea location seriously makes it much easier for everyone to taste their delicious donuts. Is it the best in New York? I think you'd be hard pressed to find another donut shop that's much better than what you'd get at The Doughnut Plant.

Doughnut Plant Chelsea
220 W 23rd St.
New York, NY 10011

Map to find Doughnut Plant Chelsea

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  • I was just at Doughnut Plant yesterday, getting my fix. Of course I always have to get a coconut cream, but my wife is a big fan of their salted peanut cake doughnut.

  • *pats self on back* for calling the doughnuts over pies phenomena way back in 2010. LET ME BASK, it's one of the few times I'm right about things in general haha

  • I still need to get to the Chelsea location. Initially, I wanted to get the pistachio, but you got me at the coconut.

    Also, all DP virgin should ALWAYS get the creme brulee. :)

    Expensive doughnut, but this is like the only 'store-bought' doughnut that my mom would willingly eat.

  • @Ben,

    Oooh, salted peanut cake donut... I have to give that a try next time too then!


    Word, you're the prophet! When you start at google it'll probably increase your powers since you'll know how that shit works. You're gonna be unstoppable!


    HAHAHA, dp virgins. Oh man. There's a joke in there somewhere about the creme brulee donut...

  • there are 2 kinds of people in this world-- those who like coconuts, and those who don't. I am in the latter group.

  • There's a place in San Francisco that's been around for a while now called Dynamo Donuts with the same idea! If you're ever there, check it out! Lemon pistachio and molasses guinness pear doughnuts!

  • @sweet road,

    Thanks for letting me know about that place! If I'm ever in SF, that'll be on my list to try!

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