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McDonald's Filet-o-fish deal

Last week a big shiny poster outside of McDonald's captured my attention. It said two filet-o-fish for $3. That's 2 for $3 dollars! The poster also told me it was around 800 calories. No matter. My love of $1.50 sandwiches knows no bounds. They also sold a double decker filet-o-fish sandwich, but that was above three dollars. The Chinese in me knew the two for three deal was the best way to go. And if you're looking for a fish option at McDonald's, this is your best and only choice. I was happy to partake in such a tremendous deal.


Prices in New York City generally vary by location. If you visit the McDonald's in Times Square, the prices are not the same as the prices on 9th ave or in Harlem. It's best to exercise some logic before just rushing off to your nearest Mickey Dee's hoping for the deal. Last year when I had this filet-o-fish deal, it was in Brooklyn. Go to a slightly out-of-the-way McDonald's and you should be fine.


I got mine on 9th ave and they did a good job with my sandwich. Was it the best sandwich ever? Maybe not, although it was plenty good. The fish was crispy out the outside. How do they do that? McDonald's website told me that they prepare the fish in, "hydrogenated soybean oil with TBHQ and citric acid added to preserve freshness). Dimethylpolysiloxane added as an antifoaming agent." Ronald, you had me at hydrogenated. Nothing sounds as sexy as that word. In fact, that's how I like my women, hydrogenated. Non-hydrogenated is just not as fine.


Why should you get the only McDonald's fish sandwich? One, it's cheap when it's on sale. 2 for $3 is probably Two, it tastes better than what you imagine. The exterior is crisp and the interior is flaky. The tarter sauce and American cheese also help it taste better and give you that nice mouth-feel. Sure, eating two at once might make me hate myself. That's just me though. You are stronger than me. So go out there and get your filet-o-fish before it's too late. McDonald's does a poor job of telling consumers when their deals end... so go!

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  • Uh... did you just say that you like your women fat? I'm pretty sure you did.

    No matter, why anyone would buy the double stacked fish sandwich for > $3 is beyond me. You could get both of these, stack them, throw away the extra bread and still come out ahead.

  • See, I interpreted it that he likes his women slippery......

  • @Nicholas,

    Word, I thought of doing that, but then I was afraid to lose some of the tarter sauce. Either way, two is pretty good.

    And nah, I just don't know what the word means. haha


    Damn, I should just stop talking about women. Fat and slippery probably are not qualities that many seek to find.

  • Is the filet-o-fish an Asian/Asian-American favorite? I always wondered about that. Hold the cheese!

  • @luvsocks,

    Good question, although I can't possibly imagine what the answer is. When I lived in the midwest and the south, people were generally averse to fish. So... maybe it's a coastal thing. The cheese helps!

  • @luvsocks

    hm. i'm asian and from the west coast and love filet-o-fish. hm.

  • @asiansupper,

    I'm with you, filet o' fish is awesome!

  • Yes, fillet o fish is an asian thing. I worked at a California mcdonalds, and made dollars all day long betting the drive through order that is taking forever (counting change or trying to use printed out coupons) with two fillet of fish sammiches (never the meal, Asians never buy the meal) is getting placed by a chan. We could only see what was on the screen, lol and I always won.

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