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Shaktoberfest and my body

Loving Shake Shack is easy to do. You think about the Shack Stack, which should be labeled a wonder of the world, and you realize that something special is going on there. When they decided to branch out and do this whole October Fest thing, Steph and I wanted to go check it out. You line up, you wait, you order, and then you wait some more. After all of that, you run around looking for a seat and guess what? It was very so-so. It wasn't mind blowing like the Shack Stack. In fact it was just very forgettable. The main issue we had with the garlic dog? It was packed with salt. Maybe the pretzels were supposed to introduce starchiness and make the salt content more palatable, but it was just meh.


The currywurst is basically Bratwurst with curry sauce. Shake Shack serves it with fries and puts the sauce on top of both. The brats are sliced up and then griddled so each may have a little bit of browning on them, for more flavor. I was down with the bratwurst itself. And while some folks dislike the frozen fries of the shack, I generally find them to be agreeable. What was not agreeable was the sauce. Nothing against the sauce, but maybe I'm just too Asian. It was tangy and salty and just not my cup of tea. If they had put the sauce on the side, I wouldn't have used nearly as much of it on my sausage. Also when the sauce lingers on the fries, it just turns into mushy fries. Mushy fries are not as good as crispy fries, which are the norm at the Shake Shack.

I'm not sure if currywurst in general appeals to me, even though I like bratwursts in general. Are all currywurst sauces made the same? You give me Indian, Japanese, or Thai curry, and I'm a happy man. But this fairly new development in my life of German curry sauce on a sausage? It takes some getting used to... So if you're visiting the Shack, I would tell you to make sure you tell them to get the sauce on the side otherwise you will walk away not satisfied at all. Seriously, we sat there thinking we should have gone to McDonald's instead.

Maybe drinking haterade is not good for my mental and emotional health but that's ok. But my heart was warmed slightly after my not-so-great Shack experience when Steph and I had this conversation:

Me: I think my man boobies are soft
Steph: Really? Let me feel.
*some man titty groping action occurs*
Steph: Oh you're right! They are soft!

The moral of this week is that stick with the burgers at Shake Shack and work out enough so your man boobies are not so soft. The end.

Shake Shack
Madison Square Park.
New York, NY 10010

Map to find Shake Shack

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  • @FN,

    True, man-titties are way under-appreciated, although I still love a good shack burger.


    Man boobies!!!!

  • I'm not going to let some elitist tell me I'm supposed to be doing with my man boobies! Or my tea bags!

  • Shook Shack is as overrated as man-titties are underappreciated.

  • This has very little to do with Shake Shack or their failure at executing a play on Oktoberfest, but... can you imagine Malay coconut curry as a dipping sauce for McDonald's fries? Game, set, match.

  • Why that sounds like something I should try one of these days! Although let's be honest, what wouldn't be a great dipping sauce for MCD fries? Let's say I took some leftover sauce from a chicken tikka masala take-out? Or some Japanese curry leftovers from Go Go Curry?!

  • I like the idea that Steph had to confirm your boobie consistency. I also like the image of her being surprised (pleasantly?) by the feel.


  • I think pleasantly surprised would be putting it kindly. Subtly dismayed would be more accurate. haha. Although she may just have been reflecting my own impression of the situation. I don't wanna have to use a man bra! Oh food blogging...

  • I do love the Shack Stack and the cheese fries when I visited NYC, wish I could have more, can't get it here in UK! Shame that the currywurst fries weren't good.

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