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Shack Stack by the American History Museum

I was browsing the forums on Serious Eats the other day and someone was asking about what to eat around the American Museum of Natural History and I was all like "Shake Shack!" and the person was all like, "you idiot, 23rd street is really far aawy from 81st." Just goes to show you, people ask for help, get answers, then don't google before disbelieving the help. So when Steph and I went to the museum this past weekend, I was excited to go to the Shack Shack UWS because you know, it's close to the museum. I remembered what Nicholas ate on flickr... and it was this awesome Shack Stack. Mm... So of course I had to get one too.


It was my first encounter with the Shack Stack. I learned a really great lesson, which was that if you're not careful, the deep fried mushroom with cheese will splooge out all the cheese. See. Cheese splooge. This is almost the perfect burger. It's got cheese twice, mushroom, and a juicy beef patty. Mmm... yum. I know some folks bemoan the idea of calling Shake Shack one of the best burgers in the city, but hell, it's true. I suppose some people like pub burgers more. You know, giant 8oz or more patties that's hard to even bite down. And the some people hate the line. I mean, if you stuck this burger place in Bed Stuy or something, people would travel to eat it, and it'll be delicious and there would be no line.


The Shake Shack UWS is only slightly less convenient than the original at Madison Square Park. Of course you can't beat eating in the park in the summer. But the location on the upper west side is across the street from the museum. There's lots of benches on which to sit and you could easily enjoy your burgers outdoors. Before the weather gets too cool, it's probably a good idea to hit up Shake Shack one last time.

Shake Shack UWS
366 Columbus Avenue.
New York, NY 10024

Map to find Shake Shack UWS

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  • My jelly donut concrete didn't even come to me frozen and I ate it there -=X They should make them in a smaller size...I barely made a dent..but it was oh soo gooddd!

  • That's actually not too tall a task in the dead of Winter :p

  • @Nicholas,

    haha, damn. Still frozen concrete after two hours?!


    You right, haters are still gonna hate... haha I haven't eaten enough burgers around the country to know. But it definitely beats the pants off of any fast food burger out there. I do like five guys though...


    Yes! Going when there's no line is the best. There was a line in the UWS. I feel like folks hit up Shake Shack no matter where it is if the weather is good. And it is ginormous but once you squeeze the cheese out, it's flat and workable.

  • I was at the shake shack in the theater district weds night and there was no line whatsoever. Well not until we were leaving lol I'm scared of the shack looks ginormous!

  • New York? This has gotta be one of the finest burgers in the country! Haters gonna hate...

  • FUCK YEAH shake stack. If you visit Philly, bring me one plz. And a concrete (I expect it to still be frozen).

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