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Excellent Pork Chop House has awesome chicken leg

The WSJ blog, Metropolis reported about how cupcake places are still all the rage despite a down economy. They cite the expansion of CRUMBS, and smaller bakeries like Butter Lane doubling their employee count. Meanwhile, the Planet Money blog wishes that all of this is just part of a big cupcake bubble. Just like a housing bubble I guess. And then one day it'll burst and we'll have legislation to guard against future craziness in cupcake exuberance. Why can't we have like a cool bubble? We have cupcakes. We have bacon. But I want something that Chinese restaurants would make because then it can be a savory thing and also cheap. Bacon is not cheap anymore and cupcakes cannot substitute for regular food 3 out of 7 days. I want a pork chop or a fried chicken leg bubble. Who's working on that?


The Fried Chicken Leg over rice at Excellent Pork Chop House is the bomb. They serve it with some minced pork sauce and pickled mustard greens. Seriously, that stuff makes rice taste so good. Very addictive too. You could probably cure skin cancer if you rubbed it all over yourself.


The classic is of course, pork chop over rice. I think it's an excellent pork chop, but I also grew up eating this stuff. Maybe you didn't and prefer big juicy pork chops without five spice powder. I like both. Some people prefer the Wah Mei pork chops, but I like the Excellent Pork Chop House version because the five spice comes through more. Also, since you can actually sit down in EPCH, it's better when you wanna escape the heat and relax while you eat your pork chop.


You should finish your meal with some Taiwanese shaved ice. Serious Eats talked about their shaved ice briefly during their roundup. And it scored as the best one in Manhattan. I think it's pretty decent. The ice isn't shaved fine as snow, so it has a little crunch to it. We got some sort of jellow, red beans, and condensed milk for the topping. It's a great way to escape the heat.

See, why can't the city see an uptick in fried pork chop or chicken leg places? Or Taiwanese shaved ice? Come on people, the margins has to be better than gelato or ice cream. There's no milk, eggs, or cream involved! The main ingredient is frozen water. Someone has to get on this shit ASAP.

Excellent Pork Chop House
3 Doyers St.
New York, NY 10013

Map to find Excellent Pork Chop House

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  • @JO,

    It should be more like Pork Chop and Chicken Leg Heaven. But I'm bad at naming things!

  • "Excellent Pork Chop House has awesome chicken leg"

    should they consider changing their name?

  • Planet Money = da bomb.

    love those folks as much as I love a good fried chicken leg.

  • LOL! I'd love some of that chicken over rice right now...yum!

  • i would love this with a five-spice marinated egg. like right now.

  • @Ang,

    Yea that's the problem. It's not the snow-like shaved ice that you can get in Taiwan. For that I guess you gotta go to Flushing?


    Totally gotta get sorted out with that minced meat mixture. I need to figure out how to make that, and just pack that with rice to work for lunch. haha


    As soon as Mayor Bloomberg puts me in charge of monetizing the city's street cart policy, that's when we can get started on that idea. Actually if you know how to make it, you should try it at like the Hester Street fair or Brooklyn Flea or something. Those guys are all new so none of them could have a street-vending license right? I dunno how this works...


    Thank you for stopping by! You hit the nail on the head with that. Maybe we run in different circles, and that should be fine. Hearing different perspectives is nice. Anyway, that pickled mustard greens is the shizzle. Get on it!

  • As a cheap meal, my mom used to cook the pork and pickled greens over rice for me. I forget how she did it. Must experiment now.

  • Danny,

    I usually get caught up reading your posts a few at a time so was kind of flabbergasted when I went on today.

    I was reminded of two quotes by Voltaire. The first one is "To hold a pen is to be at war" I know you type, not write but you know what I mean.

    The second he said is "I disapprove of what you say but will defend to the death your right to say it". I bring that up only because personally I don't curse or use racially based words, but I know while that is something we differ on I enjoy your take on food.

    Like today's post is brilliant. With everyone broke and complaining about their wallets...why do we have a surge of pricy cupcakes? I so agree! Espesh when Asian food is so cheap and the bomb! Good social point there.

  • P.S. Oops forgot to put my name in post above post...also forgot to mention how jealous I am about pickled mustard greens. Haven't tried those but somehow know I'd love them as I'm crazy about greens of any kind. Must find...or make at home!

  • the thing about their shaved ice is that it isn't fine and fluffy...but I am craving some!

  • :( There's no place for these Taiwanese classics in London. I've got to sort me out with some of that minced pork mixture...

  • I'm pretty sure you could make money selling just the rice without the meat. Then the margins would just get better. To be honest, I find they get in the way of my pickled veggies and rice relationship.

    New plan, let's open a pickled veggies over rice cart in Manhattan. It'd be no different than if I were cooking for myself, just scaling it for like... a couple hundred people. Money in the bank.

  • Amazing photos...

    How are the prices for these dishes?

  • @Barry,

    It's pretty affordable, the pork chop and chicken leg over rice are something like $5.50. I don't remember exactly. The ice is $3. So yea... pretty inexpensive!

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