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Just now on tv, I saw a commercial from NYC Dept of Health about how sodas and sugary beverages are full of fat and you could gain up to ten pounds a year. It features this guy who looks like he's drinking gooey fat straight from a glass and then they show fat plopping down on a plate. It's all very delicious. Also funny that the commercial run right after the local news reports about the James Beard Awards. This is the first time that I've had cable TV in my living room since... ever. So even watching a gross commercial is exciting. I tell you what else is exciting... PIES. Sweet pies to be exact, not those pizza pies. They're awesome too but not for this post. This post is about a strawberry rhubarb pie from The Blue Stove in Williamsburg.


The strawberry rhubarb pie was such a dandy piece of dessert that it had me sprung. We actually wanted to try a cherry pie but they were out, and the strawberry rhubarb was probably better. At $5 dollars, it's not exactly priced like apple pies you get at McDonald's. You do however, get value. The nuance of the flavor was impressive because it wasn't like it was just one red, sweet mess. You could see the chunks of rhubarb and the strawberries and they worked together in harmony.

The Blue Stove has been open for a while now, and you don't hear mention of their name as much. So fresh and so clean is what everyone's into because there's always something new open. But you can find great places that's not oft talked about that's making stellar goods. They're off of the Graham Avenue stop on the L train, and they're just a few blocks from Motorino. So next time you could go get pies for a meal and pies for dessert.

Tomorrow we come back with some non-dessert food! Hurray!

The Blue Stove
415 Graham Avenue.
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Map to find The Blue Stove

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  • Lounging with pie... my kind of life.

  • thanks for tip danny. I hadn't heard of this place and I love me some pie. Is it pretty comfortable to sit there?

  • thanks for the tip danny. I hadn't heard of this place and I love me some pie. Is it pretty comfortable to sit there?

  • @klaus,

    They've got a couple of tables next to an actual blue stove there. There was some dude with a laptop there when I visited, so it's probably pretty nice for lounging around.

  • Last time I was in the hood, I dropped by but they don't take card and I was out of cash. The machine across the street was broken, so I didn't get any sweets. I was pretty bummed and then really big drops of rain started falling from the sky....I went to have some pizza at Tony's instead.

  • Love the crusts the are made for savory and healtjy baking.

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