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How does the saying go? Fuck me once, shame on you. Fuck me twice, shame Despite my attempts to stop eating pricier sandwiches, I found myself staring at $9 (before tax) sandwiches at No. 7 Sub in the Flatiron/Murray Hill area. Damn this addiction just won't die. Wonder if I could google Tiger's number and ask him about that addiction clinic... No. 7 Subs is located on the Broadway side of the Ace Hotel. Their website ( mention that the sandwich shop is an offshoot of their restaurant in Fort Greene, No. 7.


All the fun and eccentric sandwich creations at No 7 Sub are $9 dollars. They have many interest sounding sandwiches like: GENERAL TSO'S TOFU, CEVICHE, and CUCUMBER SALAD. Usually I like to order things that sound unique and interesting, but after a stressful and exhaustive apartment search, Steph and I went with safer sounding and more robust sandwiches (read: has meat). The first sandwich we tackled was the Braised Lamb. Serious Eats:NY wasn't a fan of this sandwich, but I think it's the bees knees. Just playin', I don't talk like that. In fact I had to look up what 'bees knees' meant. I was a fan of this sandwich though. If some big corporate conglomerate were asked about this sandwich, (s)he would say it's got great synergy. Sure, the menu says peanut butter and mint jelly are involved but neither are overwhelming.


The next sandwich we tried was the Turkey Cubano. This one featured turkey with pickled daikons and some Chinese mustard. Compared to the lamb sandwich, this was Butler (so close! but not close enough). The daikons offered a nice crunch for textural contrast and that Chinese mustard offered a nice kick. I think for turkey lovers, this would rank up there as one of the better turkey sandwiches you can get in the city.

Obviously when you spend $9 dollars for a sandwich, you could have gone to Subways and gotten almost two footlongs. So for the cheapy guys like me who like that filling of being full because it detracts from feelings of inadequacies and prevents me from crying at night while watching Oprah on bootleg online tv... Anyway, this sandwich is filling enough to be a meal if you have a fizzy drink like a coke. Whether it's worth it to you, that's for you to decide. I happen to think it's sorta worth it, just not on a daily basis. As for the wait time... We went in the middle of the afternoon and there was no line, so the wait was about 5 minutes, but if you go during rush hour, it gets packed.

No 7 Sub
20 W 29th St.
New York, NY 10001

Map to find No 7 Sub

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  • I used to think I was not a sandwich fan. What I actually can't stand is cheap, shitty sandwiches... I could be convinced to pay $9 for a delicious sandwich that I could never adequately produce in my own kitchen. I wouldn't pay $3 for anything from Subway. Fortunately, Mexican sandwiches tend to be in that sweet spot of perfection... $5 tortas and cemitas ftw!

  • Go to No. 7 the restaurant if you're ever in Fort Greene. The menu changes a lot but the food is consistently good and inventive. In different visits, I've had bacon oatmeal cookies, fried Asian pear, and general tso's catfish sandwich.

  • Hey.. maybe that's because those sandwich really are scrumptious, toothsome, yummy and delectable. lol!

  • You said you're not part of the camp where people conjure a laugh from slinging words, but this post is some funny crack, Danny!

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