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Khao soi at Pams Real Thai

I don't like volcanoes. In fact, you could probably say that I hate volcanoes. Sure, sure, the lava it spews out makes for cool looking islands in Hawaii but hey... when it spews out ash clouds and cancels flights... well, it throws the tail end of a vacation all outta wack. So instead of more France talk, I'll talk about Thai food! Prior to my trip to France I had a good lunch at Pam's Real Thai with James of The Eaten Path.

Previously at Pam's Real Thai, I had things like pad kee mao and pad krapow. But never a northern Thai delicacy like khao soi. It's got a curry broth that's coconut based and it's fantabulous. The noodles are egg noodles, but they add a fried version of the noodles on top along with some fried shallots. If you ever see khao soi on the menu anywhere... just get it.


We also got this shredded chicken dish that was a little weird. It had a sweetness that I wasn't a fan of, but thankfully it came in such a small package that there wasn't much to eat anyway.

The third portion of the meal was anchovy fried rice, which was probably stir fried with some anchovy paste? And then the other ingredients of the fried rice dish was presented in a deconstructed manner. It came with some sliced mangoes, pork, egg, and red onions. Mixing the ingredients together provides a balanced flavor and a more complex textural contrast. But really, I could eat the rice straight up. Obviously not for those of you who don't like anchovies... because every bite of the rice taste of anchovies.

I have more to say about France in general as far as what it was like, all the pastries I ate after the last post y'all saw... and why my airline, Delta, sucks so much. Since tomorrow is Friday and I don't have to give you a real food review, tomorrow will be rant day! Stay tuned...

Pam Real Thai
404 W 49th Street.
New York, NY 10019

Map to find Pam Real Thai

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  • Pam's Real Thai is easily my favorite midtown Thai place.

  • I've only had the Rhong Tiam kao soi! This looks great. Talent Thai also was just in the Village Voice and they apparently have it as well.

    See also:

  • Anchovies!

  • I've passed this place a few times- Looks delicious! I'll stop in next time... I'm usually a slave to the gazillion Wondee's surrounding my building.

  • @James,

    That was my first khao soi so I didn't know much more blinding they could be. I like the fire with the broth though. That stuff is addictive.


    I saw your picture of the take-out anchovie rice! That stuff is righteous and great like you say. I gotta try anchovies from a can though!

  • Good Khao Soi is blinding, and that anchovy rice was fantastic. I think we scored with those particular choices; I've been going back to Pam's to check out some other stuff and was not as happy with the price-to-quality ratio. Will be writing up on my own after a few more visits! :D

  • I had that anchovy rice recently and I loved it. It definitely punches you in the face with lots of anchovy flavor. It's great. Then again, I eat anchovies straight from the can. Fishy, fishy, fish!

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