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Wiener Dysfunction Treatment at Shake Shack

Who needs Wiener Dysfunction (WieD) treatment that can work up to 36 hours? Folks who don't want to put their wiener satisfaction on a schedule. It's for people who just like to let it happen. WieD treatment is for people who like to choose the moment that's right for them. They like to choose the variety, the toppings, and the condiments. The Shake Shack Second City Bird Dog is only for individuals healthy enough for wiener activity. Do not take the Second City Bird Dog if you can't sustain intake of sweet relish, onion, cucumber, pickles, tomato, pepper, and celery salt as this may cause your taste buds to be overwhelmed.


Do not drink in excess with Second City Bird Dog if you have an alcohol problem. Everyone else, carry on. Side effects of this WieD treatment include tremendous satisfaction, lip smacking, extra saliva excretion, and other bodily reactions as a result of being faced with a long, erect, and well decorated wiener. If you experience upset stomach, delayed backaches, or muscle aches, please visit the self cleaning bathroom in Madison Sq. Park.


Wieners that are unconsumed longer than four hours though rare, require immediate medical help from a hungry food blogger. Discuss how much wiener you can take with your doctor and see if the Second City Bird Dog is right for you. Then ask your partner what he/she has in mind.

When the moment is right, would you like a wiener?

p.s. ~ anyone out there looking for a room in Park Slope until end of August? I have one, just email me for details.

Shake Shack
Madison Square Park.
New York, NY 10010

Map to find Shake Shack

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  • I live in Chicago, and this hot dog looks perfect! You did a great job!

  • Damn! God bless America and hot dogs! You really got me missing my old stomping ground. Gonna have to check this out when I am back in the Apple in 3 weeks. Great photos.

  • a chicago style dog? why is it cut in half? Faster cooking?

  • @FN,

    God bless America indeed!


    Yup, chicago style. I'm not sure why they split it... maybe so it doesn't roll around as much on the griddle. I can't imagine the hot dog is the major sell there, so they probably can't just line a bunch of them up at the same time.

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