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Ikea Princess Cake

I've been going to Ikea a lot lately because I'm moving to a different apartment. Don't worry, I'm not going far, and I'm still going to be here to write about food in New York and Brooklyn. Part of the fun of going to Ikea is visiting the cafeteria because that place is CHEAP. Honestly, I think it's even cheaper than Chinatown. It's really cheap as shit. What you see in the picture above? That cost $1.29 pre tax. Seriously! Where else are you going to get a deal like that? Who else sells Princess Cakes? What the hell is a Princess Cake? Let's find out!


Now before we dive into what's actually in a Princess Cake, let's go over why kind of desserts I like. If it's either cheap or has chocolate or ice cream in it, then I'm sold. I think the reason I got this was because A. it had a great name. Princess Cake. B. it was dirt cheap. At just $1.29, this was one of the better deals for a dessert that I've seen in this town. So a Princess Cake is basically a little ball of ice cream with raspberry jam and white cake. On top of all that is a green-ish yellow fondant that covers it. Imagine the color of tennis balls... it's exactly like that. Mmm.. tennis. And really, nothing works up an appetite as something that makes me think about women that grunt. Oh Maria Sharapova, I'm so glad you do that wonderful thing you do.

I think the Princess Cake is pretty awesome especially for the price. Who doesn't like ice cream + cake together? And they put it together for you in a small package so you don't have to worry about over-consumption. Save your binges for something else. But while we're on the topic of Ikea. Has anyone out there had any experience with their wooden bed frames and latex mattresses? I hear they're all the rage now.

1 Beard St.
Brooklyn, NY 11231

Map to find Ikea

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  • Fortunatelly IKEA sells those also in my country, Czech rep. that is. This must be The Best cake/dessert I have ever had.

  • It's actually not fondant. Princess cakes are covered with marzipan. Fondant actually doesn't taste very good and is mostly decorative. These little cakes are awesome!

  • I was just at Ikea on the weekend and wanted one of these individual Princess cakes but they didn't have any! Ack!

  • @Su-Lin,

    For only about a dollar, it's not surprising that they fly off the shelf :P When I went, I was the only one in line who got it though. Most people went for cake instead... their loss!

  • Make sure you get the real wood stuff from Ikea as opposed to the particle board stuff. It costs more but also lasts longer.

  • I'm glad you wrote about this because otherwise, I would never even think to get it!!! :) I'd be like.. is that a tennis ball? Did you eat the fondant?

  • What? No smiley faces?! HOW WILL I CONVEY EMOTION???

    Ahem. That looks good, I still have to make my way to Red Hook Ikea. I will try that cuz it's cheap and sounds yummy.

  • @Hungry,

    That's really good advice :) I was looking at their catalog and so many of the things just said, 'Particleboard'. sad!


    haha, if I ate a tennis ball, that would make me kinda like a dog... and yes I ate the fondant. It was just sweet... no real taste to it really. I like it though.


    Yo that's how we roll around here, frown faces only ok? I have to look into some character replacement or something... maybe I'll try to figure out how blogger and wordpress keep scripting out of the comments section. Oh and the Princess Cake is tasty, but definitely not worth a trip all the way to Red Hook unless you're already going there, like for the ball fields or soemthing.

  • never had a princess cake but i use to go to the ikea here in pittsburgh and tackle the $1 hot dogs and the cinnamon rolls. lol

    i wonder if you can make princess cake on your own?

  • i had this at ikea the other day, and i cannot stop thinking about how good it was!!

  • It's actually custard and marzipan, which is has almond oil in it. I love Ikea! The stuff is cheap but really nice quality. The meatballs are delish

  • Its actually a genoise layer with raspberry and whipped cream covered in marzipan

  • I love princess cake

  • Awesome post. actually ikea sent me coupon for free cake for my birthday today. So wanted to check the size but was happy to read through more in detail.

  • It's a cream cake, not ice cream! It's meant to be defrosted.

  • Dude you are wrong. It's a classic Swedish cake, SANS ice cream, it is pastry cream and the shell is not fondant, it is marzipan. Do you 1) not google anything 2) write a food blog and don't know this?

  • In Australia Ikea gives all Ikea Family customers one of these things on their birthday.

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