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Baoguette pork chop banh mi and monkeys

So this morning I came across this article in Wired. It's about monkeys. Specifically about how monkeys react in closed quarters, and how the best way to make monkeys relax is to groom 'em. And part of the grooming is to you know, clean the other monkey. In the process of cleaning another monkey, you pick up parasites or bugs that's living on the other monkey's back. Then you eat the bug. Isn't that awesome and crazy at the same time? You know, if you're a monkey, and you're chilling underneath a tree and you turn to the monkey next to you, smile and arrange for a, "If you eat my bugs, then I'll eat your bugs" kind of agreement. Then you just chill underneath a shaded tree for a few hours of rest and relaxation. Splendid! Ain't it? In case you're not a monkey and you don't eat parasites, you could probably settle for sandwiches when you go chill underneath a tree in the shade. Recently I had the pork chop banh mi at Baoguette.


I happen to really like the sandwiches at Baoguette, despite their prices. The best value I think is still their catfish sandwich because I don't really see that as an option for banh mi's down in Chinatown. Most recently I tried their pork chop banh mi and it was delicious. At Baoguette, the pork chop banh mi is $7 which means it's probably close to $3 more than what you'd pay for in Chinatown. In my defense, this was the first time I ordered a pork chop banh mi for myself. It's probably something I'll do more in the future because it's delicious. Vietnamese pork chops have this sweetness that Taiwanese pork chops don't really have. Both are delicious, it just depends on your preferences and mood.

Like many others have said before, Baoguette's sandwiches aren't the biggest ones out there. That's not much of an issue for me lately because I need to watch my food in-take more. It's just right. But if you want a gut busting sandwich, this is probably not what you want. You'll probably want to go to Chinatown and order two pork chop banh mi's. And maybe later I'll do just that... maybe I'll take my two sandwiches and go chill by the beach. And when I turn to Steph, I can tell her that we're more sophisticated than monkeys because we eat pork chop sandwiches, instead of bugs or parasites.

Baoguette Cafe
37 St Mark's Place.
New York, NY 10003

Map to find Baoguette Cafe

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  • Where are there pork chop banh mi's in Chinatown?

  • The pork looks great, nicely fatty

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