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Tacos Nuevos Mexico in Park Slope

I'm beginning to think that I love tacos as much as Asian food. Tacos satisfy all things that I look for in a food item. One, they're usually cheap and served on paper plates. Two, they're usually found in neighborhoods where white folks don't wanna live (yet). Rule number two is really important because otherwise it would affect the price, and make rule number one a moot point. Everyone who know about tacos still like to say that New York stuff doesn't even sniff the west coast stuff. This may be true, but here's where it helps to be ignorant. Last month, the Village Voice food blog talked about Tacos Nuevos Mexico in Park Slope. I had to go check this out...


On my first trip to Tacos Nuevos Mexico, I ordered an al pastor and a chorizo taco. They were both really tasty but the al pastor taco stood out because of the little charred bits on the meat. It was $2.25 for the al pastor and $2.75 for the chorizo taco. So I went back the next day and bought two tacos al pastor because I can't get enough of a good thing.

As you can see from my over-exposed and over-saturated picture, the charred bits on the pork are quite pronounced. They impart a smokey crunch that triggers memories of summer. I could probably eat these things every day. These al pastor tacos were better than the ones from Super Taco Truck, and they qualify under the category of addictive. So maybe they're not as cheap as the ones in Sunset Park or as authentic as the ones on the West coast, but I love them. They're well worth a try for anyone who loves roasted pork with charred bits.

Now that summer is about the start, it means that all the normal TV shows are having season finales. Last week Chuck finished up their last episode. I think it's probably the best show on TV right now. My taste in TV shows says a lot about my taste in tacos... I think... And did anyone watch Lost last night? WTH is up with that show? JJ Abrams is just playing with us... It's great that next season is slated to be the final season because you know they'll wrap up the story. I'm still not sure what happened in the last two scenes of this season... maybe I'll go eat more tacos and drink pepsi instead of wondering about this. Man, this post sucked.

Tacos Nuevo Mexico
491 5th Ave.
New York, NY 11215

Map to find Tacos Nuevo Mexico

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  • I'm white and I even don't like neighborhoods saturated with white people for the same reason... (hey, for those reading this who are sensitive, I am just joking with ya, ok?)

    Anyhow... speaking of tacos, you gotta, gotta, gotta make the trip to Tacos Matamoros in Sunset Park. (Perhaps you already have.)

    Even cheaper and NOBODY from the left coast can tell you they got better ones - I spent 5 years on the left coast - I know.

  • oooooh yea I've been trying to make it down to Tacos Matamoros. Do you know if the B63 bus goes all the way down there? And when you said even cheaper, you had me at hello. I'm so there.

  • Yep, B63. Though the R train is a lot faster.... Tacos down there start at a buck seventy five if I'm not mistaken.

  • "Man, this post sucked" moooowaaahhahaha :p

  • @FN,

    Cool, thank you!


    You're just laughing at me now! ;)

  • Yup, the tacos at Matamoros are $1.75 for a small, $2.50 (I think) for a large. Go with the small ones - they come with onions, cilantro, and lime. The extra seventy-five cents gets you guacamole, which is a crime against tacos.

  • oh boy, crime against tacos. I might get one just to see what it looks like... a little guac is nice though, even if it may be a crime. Can I get away with a misdemeanor?

  • Tacos Nuevos Mexico *used* to be cheaper - til all the white folks came and discovered it! JK, but they sure did gentrify, first with the 4-color menus and red-shirt uniforms for the waitstaff, now with the new fancy space where the nongringo bar used to be... And they took away my favorite dish aside from the tacos: pollo salsa verde. Go figure! But yeah, the tacos are well worth it, and al pastor is my favorite. Try the margaritas too. Shh, don't tell any one! ;)

  • I fucking love Nuevo Mexico. Man, I might go there tonight. My favorite tacos are the cecina ones; I think the al pastor nubbins could stand to have a better sear on them. You should also try the mole verde de res, which is on the specials menu sometimes.

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