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BBQ Chicken is my new love

Sometimes you eat chicken that is so good, it makes you wish it wasn't 40 degrees outside, so you could sit outside and just really bask in the glory that was your lunch special. Chicken so good that it makes you wish you could be Alton Brown so you could have receding hairline and still have a cult following in the greatest country in the world. Or chicken so good that makes you wanna dunk like superman. I'm telling you, this chicken was so good, I wanted to jump in a car, drive it to Ceder Point, find the highest roller coaster, and go down on with it with my hands in the air. Yea.

About a year ago, BBQ Chicken started to pop up around the city. It actually isn't barbecue chicken, but Best of the Best Quality Chicken. Uh... good name guys. They have a few different locations in New York, one in Queens and in the East Village. The one I went to was on 23rd Street and 7th ave. They had a lunch special for two pieces of chicken, a side, and a biscuit for $6.45 (tax included).

The best part about the fried chicken at BBQ chicken is that the outter portion is really crunchy. Sometimes if you keep chicken in the box, it gets soggy and it just doesn't taste the same anymore. BBQ Chicken fortifies their batter with some super crunchy stuff. Maybe it's because it's fried in olive oil. I'm not sure how they get it like that but the texture is great. Inside of the crust, the chicken is moist but could use a little bit more seasoning. I found it to need some salt or hot sauce. Overall this was one of the better fried chickens that I've had in a fast food setting.


They were out of fries and cream corn and for some odd reason I settled on a side salad. It was boring. The biscuit is probably middle of the road. Maybe biscuits are one of those things that should exist in a world full of trans fats. Honestly, I'm not sure what's so bad about trans fats every now and then. If it can make things taste better, why not? Although on the flip side, I'm sure one day they'll come up with something that's better than trans fats and won't hurt us as much. In the mean time, some biscuits won't taste like they should.

Thanksgiving is a week from today and I'm looking forward to stuffing my face full of food. Gaining a couple of pounds is the norm every turkey day weekend and this year should be no different. This fried chicken will be amongst the things I'm thankful for this year. And if you celebrate Thanksgiving too, you might get a kick out of these Martha Stewart videos where Snoop Dogg makes a visit. In the first video around the 3 minute mark, check out Martha saying pizzle. hehe. she said pizzle.

BBQ Chicken
232 7th Ave.
New York, NY 10079

Map to find BBQ Chicken

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  • Is there one near midtown? or union sq? I'd hate to go all the way to 7th ave....-=( but it sure looks delicious! I've been trying to fry my own chicken and it never comes out extra crispy..though it never tastes makes me sad that it's not crispy..

  • The pic looks so good I actually went to the website to find out where the location in Queens (that you mentioned) is and the location button just says "COMING SOON!" Sigh. I can haz fried chicken? Any idea where I can find such info about the other locations?

    PS Martha is actually an Eminem fan, too. It makes me actually like her.

  • Have you been the Bon Chon , or Baden Baden, in K-Town?

  • @wonders,
    Unfortunately I don't think one exists in the midtown area. The closest one to midtown would be 23rd and 7, unless you're close to the green line. Because if you're by the 6 train, you could go to Astor place for it.

    Yelp says it's in Flushing...

    But I have no idea where that is.. good luck!

    Yes, I've been to Bon Chon and that is some addictive chicken as well. I haven't been to Baden Baden yet because someone said they fry the whole chicken and then cut it up? It would seem to have less fried goodness that way!

  • Astor WHERE?! -=D

  • It's by St. Marks. You know where Pinkberry is on St. Marks? Next to that is a place called tkettle, and the BBQ Chicken is inside of tkettle. Good luck!

  • I LOOVE BBQ!!!!!! The skin is scary crispy awesome. :D

    Baden Baden is totally different from Bon Chon, you said, they fry a whole chicken and chop it up (it's like rotisseried and fried?). But I prefer the atmosphere of Baden Baden over Bon Chon. BB also makes awesome fries.

  • Chicken is my all time favorite bird. In fact I propose that the nation's bird be changed from the bald eagle to KFC. When I was a young chick my mom used to make me eat chicken noodle soup: True story. I had tom yum gai (hot and sour chicken soup) for lunch and it was orgasmically (tom) yummy. What is your favourite chicken dish?



  • @Cupcake,
    That's interesting aout the chicken noodle soup story. Was it from a can? My favorite chicken dish is chicken nuggets. But if we made it the nations bird, I might be less inclined to eat it.

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