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Piece of Chicken

My mom used to tell me never to eat too much of one thing. She cautioned against my quarter of a whole cheesecake for breakfast and bagful of Cheetos for snacks. Mothers, what do they know?! When you go to Piece of Chicken, it's difficult to restrain yourself. Portion control flies out the window when food is this cheap and delicious. Really, I only spent $7 dollars on chicken and somehow I ended up with lunch for two days instead of one. Zach actually went to six fried chicken places in one day. Really, how do you do it man?


A Serious Eats: New York post about Piece of Chicken inspired me last week. It doesn't take much to inspire me to eat fried chicken. You could probably whisper it to me in the middle of the night and that's all it would take. But if add pretty pictures and a write-up into the mix, then I'm sold! gimme meat!

Piece of Chicken is a pretty straight forward restaurant. You pay a dollar and you get a piece of chicken. Pretty amazing if you ask me. They have regular pieces of chicken which include thigh and legs. Chicken wings are separate and are two for a dollar. You can also get chicken breast pieces at $2 bucks a pop. But really, I think the best are the chicken wings. They represent the best crispy skin to meat ratio. You get lots of crispy skin :) The meat is expertly fried. You can tell by the fact that the chicken is not heavy and dripping with oil. The skin is nice and crisp and the meat is juicy.


They also have pieces of fried liver. You get maybe six pieces for a dollar and the pieces are big. Generally I am a liver fan. These were missing something. Livers are not juicy things and maybe they needed a dipping sauce or something. And while the chicken wings had crispy exterior, the liver lacked that textural contrast. If they had provided some kind of sauce for it, then it would have been great. You can probably skip the livers unless you really love livers.


And can I tell you something? I'm not sure what good corn bread is any more. I love plain ones like, Jiffy's corn bread mix. Simple and delicious. But when I eat corn bread at a restaurant, my expectations are much higher than anything that comes from a box. So the corn bread at Piece of Chicken is good, enjoyable. Is it amazing? No probably not. I need corn bread that will make me wanna "take it behind a middle school and get it pregnant." Yea, you heard me.

Now where do I get THAT corn bread?

Piece of Chicken
362 W 45th St .
New York, NY 10036

Map to find Piece of Chicken

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  • I don't know, but when you find out, let me know so I can AVOID it. :P

    A positive opinion of the chicken livers:

  • That first photo, does not look like a chicken. And that liver photo... before I knew it was liver, I thought it looked like poo. Last comment, 30 Rock is great, eh?

  • Try this cornbread and tell me if you think it's THAT cornbread. I do.

  • Sorry, this has nothing to do with your chicken post (though I do like chicken, & cornbread!)

    I have also eaten 1/4 of a whole cheesecake for breakfast. And it was one of the densest cheesecakes ever (banana cheesecake, actually, quite funky & not sure I would like it now). But hey, I was a teenager! Obviously all teenagers have super human constitutions. Second cheesecake comment, I once had some white chocolate cheesecake, which perhaps WAS the densest cheese cake ever. The first 3 bites were divine, then it settles like bricks in your stomach. Now I think I'm more of a cheesecake purist...

    haha, sorry for being totally off topic!

  • I like liver. Did they have gizzard?

  • Yvo,
    what? You don't like corn bread? What's up with that?!

    I know, it looks like a ninja. Gotta be careful what you eat man... I mean uh... it's a chicken wing!

    Ahh.. cool. Thanks for the recipe!

    Hahaha, so you eat cheesecake for breakfast too! So I'm not crazy after all! Yesssss

    Usually I love liver too. No gizzard here however.

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