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Peanut butter chocolate time

Don't you just hate it when your sister tells you to stop doing something? Like when you're 9-years-old, stuffing your face full of cocoa puffs, and belting out the theme song to The Bodyguard. Yea I just dated myself as an old dinosaur but man Whitney Houston had a voice before all that crack. But I've always signed like someone on crack. "OMG, shut the hell up, you are so off key!" And like that, she crushed dreams of singing like a beautiful black woman. Luckily, my sister also influenced me in other ways, like teaching me about taking breaks from cocoa puffs to eat peanut butter and Reeses pb cups. And that's what drove me to the Treats Truck, a love of peanut butter goodness.


Before we get to the peanut butter cookie with chocolate in the middle... let's talk about Treats Truck's famed conecake discovered by Blondie and Brownie. The cupcake is $3.25. And it's smaller than a cupcake from Sugar Sweet Sunshine. This bothers me because the SSS cupcake is only $1.50. So the question is, do I like paying $3.25 for the opportunity to try a conecake? Well, it's worth trying once, then maybe the novelty will wear off. The icing on the cake is subtly sweet, which was great. The cupcake itself was nice and moist. All the main cupcake components were solid. If there's a shortfall in the taste, it's with the sugar cone. The top of the cone which is more wafer-y provides a crunch that you normally do not get with cupcakes. The bottom of the cone (the part you usually hold), taste exactly how a baked cone would taste: floppy. The conecake lowered my expectation on the peanut butter cookie, but it shouldn't have. It was fantabulous. (No that's not a real word)


The peanut butter cookie with chocolate filling was the highlight of my day yesterday, next to drinking coffee in the rain (ohai weather god, stop being so bipolar. k thx). If Nabisco ever want to make peanut butter oreos (and seriously, why is this not in my pantry?), they should hire the Treats Truck to mass produce 'em. The delicate and crumbly cookie was packed with peanut butter goodness. I thought it would have been difficult to enjoy a cookie of diminutive size. But judge a cookie not by its circumference, but by its taste. And tasty it was. In my future return trips to the Treats Truck, this will surely be ordered again.

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  • i love the treats truck. the cookies are really top-notch, and they are super nice. great photos!

  • What is this cone "cake" business? That looks like an ice cream cone with sprinkles.

  • I could eat about a dozen of the peanut butter w/ chocolate filling cookies! Delish

  • I just made a peanut butter sandwich cookie but I filled it with peanut butter cream. This looks delicious. I mean how can you go wrong with the classic combination of peanut and chocolate.

  • I came back to tell you it is your fault I have the peanut butter jelly time song stuck in my head. Peanut butter jelly time, peanut butter jelly time... peanut butter jelly! peanut butter jelly!

    Even more disturbing is the memory of asking my mom what time it was, and her screaming this song at me. In the street. Two years ago. -_-*

  • wow, that looks good! will have to check out this 'treats truck'

  • There are peanut butter Oreos, but it has a fake taste. I'm willing to bet that this one is ten times better!

    This recipe is really good: Milk Chocolate-Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies

  • That peanut butter cookie looks so good! I think pb is my fave cookie. Especially when they're not cakey, but have that specific peanut buttery texture. Yum.

    I just read that sugar sweet sunshine post and now I really really want a peanut butter cookie AND a pistachio cupcake.

  • The PB cookie & Jelly "Jamwich" version at the Treat Truck is also great, try on next time.

  • i really want those cookies.

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