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Chive box is Flushing trip part two

What can I possibly tell you about a box that you do not already know? Huh? Exactly, EVERYTHING. I mean uh, NOTHING (because this is a food blog and because I'm more Steve Urkel than Wilt Chamberlain but who is like wilt anyway?). What I can tell you about are chive boxes. They are like a healthy Chinese version of the hot pocket. Who doesn't love that?


As regular readers can surmise, this is a continuation of yesterday's trip to Flushing. And if you're new, this was inspired by a Serious Eats: New York post about Flushing.

Wang Zhen's Muslim Snacks boasts of a straight forward menu. I just couldn't tell you how straight forward, because I can't read Chinese. You can see that your options are fairly limited though. Through pointing and asking, I figured out they serve chive box and also some beef hot pocket type of thing.


The beef pocket boasts of a thin crust with a meaty filling that seemed to contain some cabbage and ginger as well. You might think this looks sort of like a hamburger with ultra thin buns but the meat is not packed together at all. The only thing that holds it together is the crust that surrounds it. If you are really hungry, this is worth a try. But the chive box is where it's at. The box is always where it's at. ha! (Ok ok, enough of that).


The chive box or jia cai he zi is comprised of Garlic chives, eggs, and clear noodles. I grew up on this stuff and could eat this thing every day. The chives tasted fresh and satisfying. Every bite was packed with flavor and was delicious. I've had better crust before but chive boxes are hard to find in New York so I was not going to complain.

I actually had some more during the Flushing Field Trip but the pictures did not turn out right. And homey don't play that. Maybe next time I go, there will be better pictures. In the meantime, does anyone know where to get chive boxes in the city?

Golden Shopping Mall
41-28 Main St.
New York, NY 11355

Map to find Golden Shopping Mall

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  • doh, I was going to ask YOU where to get them in the city!

  • Wow, they actually serve chive boxes? I always thought it was made in the household, u know, like milk and cereal. Just buy the ingredients and combine, only addition in this instance is heat, its that easy.

    So the answer to your question would be, yo kitchen.

  • chive "box"?? that is the weirdest analogy ever...

  • i grow chives in my backyard son. Ohhh how i miss them Chive Boxes! Dude you are digging out them foods from the good ol days. Remenescing on homemade Dumplings *droooling*

  • mmmm the chive box looks good. is it sort of like a stuffed pancake? similar dishes i've had always tasted good, but somehow always verge on the too-oily side... this one doesn't look greasy though!!

    interesting how they made it with clear noodles...

  • let me educate you on the menu, brother. The right column is the soup menu, which includes, sheep stomach soup and sheep heart soup. bleh.

    also, why didn't you bring any chive boxes home!! for meeee!!

  • I love chive boxes!

  • Why won't your website remember me?! Anyway. Ahem. I wish I could say I knew what this was or had eaten one before, but sadly, this is not in the realm of my experience. It looks very tasty, I love ... gow choi gao... dim sum thing filled with chives. The "wrapper" on the box looks interesting though. Like a slightly thicker crepe

  • Janice,
    I know of like.. one place. I'll bring one back next time for you.

    But my kitchen is full of rabbit hair!? Man, all this talk about rabbits and boxes...

    Jae em,
    Yes, I failed at SAT analogy section when I was a kid. There's really nothing in my skull.

    I know! This is like Chinese comfort food 101. Mmmmm...

    Yes! It is kind of like a stuffed pancake. Maybe more like a stuffed crepe? Or a HUGE flat dumpling!

    I feel enlightened now! I will bring you one next time.

    Psssh. We know what you like... hahaha

    My website is dumb... you can actually get one of these in the Chinatown in the city. The dumpling house on eldridge has it (before they run out). I know what you're talking about with the dim sum thingies, those are great too.

  • OMG I WANT CHIVE BOX GIMME GIMME GIMME!!!!!@#!@ (points to mouth)

    If you do another Flushing excursion anytime soon, take meee!!

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