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Blue 9 burger and french fries

Summer is the time for outdoor grilling and things like hot dogs and hamburgers. This summer, I've had my fair share of hot dogs, but not hamburgers. Ever since I started reading Nick's burger reviews at A Hamburger Today, I have this constant craving for hamburgers and cheeseburgers. It's like in the The Sixth Sense. Everywhere in New York, I see dead people hamburgers. And when I passed by Blue 9 last week, I succumbed to the cravings.


Blue 9 serves their hamburger with lettuce, tomato, and Thousand Island dressing. They ask if you want onions when you order. If you want to eat it like a purist, you probably would have to remove the rabbit food portion of your burger and just go with bun, cheese, and meat. I feel like you really need to do that otherwise the vegetables drown out the meaty flavor.

The cashier didn't ask about how I wanted the burger cooked and I asked him to make it medium-rare just as he finished with my order. He looked at me and nodded the same way I used to whenever mom asked me to vacuum the living room. Our living room was never vacuumed thoroughly and my burger was not cooked to order. The pink at the center of the patty was faint and I would say it was past medium. No photographic evidence, as my fingers were a mess.

At the very least, I can say the Blue 9 cheeseburger is flavorful and juicy even when it is cooked past medium-rare. My trip occurred on a sunny day and my order was out within ten minutes. For the price and efficiency in service, I would say Blue 9 is a good substitute for Shake Shack on those days when the lines are long.


The fries at Blue 9 are respectable. They come freshly fried with a crispy exterior. Part of the allure is the house special dipping sauce - the mango chili sauce. I think they already have above average fries. With the sauce, the fries are a treat.

I think with the mango-chili dipping sauce, the Blue 9 fries become superior to Five Guys fries. I've actually gone back to Five Guys to try their fries again and when they do it right, their Cajun fries are actually quite delicious. And I think these are just as good, if not better. As with all fries though, eat them as fast as you can if you want to enjoy the crispy texture.


Labor day weekend is coming up and I am excited about the upcoming season of college football. The AP poll has my Buckeyes ranked number two in the nation. Hopefully they can get to the national championship game again and embarrass themselves on national tv. Uh.. I mean, hurry up and win one! Are there other college football fans out there?

Blue 9 Burger
92 Third Ave.
New York, NY 10003

Map to find Blue 9 Burger

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  • "Ever since I started reading Nick's burger reviews at A Hamburger Today, I have this constant craving for hamburgers and cheeseburgers." -> I'm currently suffering from the exact same problem, lol ^_^

  • maybe you should eat more rabbit food and less burgers and treat truck

  • Kathy,
    Oh it's so difficult not to eat everything in sight! Aaaargh!

    Buuuut... ok, I got nothing. I should eat more rabbit food to balance out the burgers.

  • Burgers ... ahhh don't get me started. Just finished eating (and photographing) one :)

  • Sounds like the west coast In n' Out Burger formula... same deal with the onions and the Thousand Island, the thin patties. Even the fries look the same.

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