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snice cupcakes

"They are all good. I come here just for the cupcakes."

The woman to my left spotted my indecisiveness at the counter of Vegan goodness at 'Snice in Park Slope. My first thought was, "That sign says these are all Vegan, what kind of crack are you smoking? They are ALL good?" It was also a surprise that someone would randomly talk to me - usually on the street my facial expression exudes, "I am hungry/cranky, you look like a donut, and I want to jump on you faster than a governor at the Emperor's VIP club" Kinda scares people away here in New York. I kindly asked the woman for advice and settled upon a red velvet cupcake. And a carrot cake cupcake. And an apricot square. That is all, I swear.

carrot-cupcake carrot-cupcake-innards

I was skeptical, but you can alter experiences if you can adjust your expectation level. For example, whenever I see "Vegan Bakery", the first thought in my head is, "Why do you want to bake garbage before you throw it in the trash can?" You all probably know about my 'affinity' for meatless products, but color me surprised by 'Snice.

First up, we have the carrot cake cupcake. Good frosting, colorful innards, and appropriate frosting-to-cupcake ratio. I cannot remember the last time I had carrot cake, therefore it was difficult to compare it to other carrot cakes. It was not super carroty, and the bits of carrots offered an interesting mouthfeel. Just an OK cupcake and not sure if I would buy this one again.

vegan-red-velvet vegan-red-velvet-innards

After the warm-up, I moved to the star of the show, red velvet cupcake. There were sprinkles on top to provide some color, and the white frosting was sweet enough. Cutting through the cupucake was super easy, as it was softer than the carrot cake cupcake. First bite and... heaven! This caught me off guard. How could this be? How could there be a vegan cupcake that tasted like a regular cupcake? What planet was this? Each successive bite debunked my misguided views about vegan baked goods. It was too early to call me a convert, but there was one more piece to try.

apricot-bar-2 s-nice

I was excited about the apricot square after the super delicious cupcake. My hopes were high. There was my mistake because I expected the apricot square to blow my mind and it did not do that. In fact, it did not do anything for me. After two bites, I put it away in the box and took it home. Later that day, I decided to heat it up in the toaster oven because everything is better warm (all my favorite things are warm to the touch: puppies, baos, and women).

It was a good move, as the toaster oven softened the apricot spread on top and the flavors jumped out more. Do not get too excited, it did not jump that high. I think if you get the apricot square, you have to heat it up somehow otherwise it just does not do anything for your taste buds. Once you heat it up though, it tastes fairly good and blurs the line between vegan goodness and animal product goodness.

'Snice also offers a myriad of vegan and vegetarian sandwiches/wraps. The sandwiches are around $7 to $8 dollars and when I walked by on Saturday afternoon, the joint was packed with people which probably meant the food had to be decent. But my evolution into the world of tempeh and seitan will have to wait. Baby steps people, baby steps.

315 5th Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Map to find S'Nice

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  • That red velvet cupcake looks really scrumptious ! Was it as moist as it looks?

  • More cupcakes *_* The red velvet really does look nice. And you have a funny sense of humor, always fun to read your posts =)

  • Hehehe, this post put a smile on my face. I have similar reservations about vegan stuff too. It's really hard to find something that tastes like "the real thing." Anyway, I grew up with tofu and tempeh and I have to say that I can make some pretty good non-meat dishes with them. That I'm glad for. Keep the search! I will be doing the same when I head back to NYC late summer. :)

  • I want that red velvet cupcake. NOW! waw, does this stuff look good...

  • i am craving a red velvet so bad now...great site!

  • Wonders,
    Yea! I was actually really surprised because I just expect vegan baked goods to be gross... but it was moist and tasted like a real cupcake!

    More cupcakes! Life is grand, is it not? :) And I am glad you dig the sense of humor, sometimes it is difficult to be humorous on a blog.

    Yea, it seems that many meat eaters have some reservations about vegan foods. The idea of fake meat is interesting to me because I wonder how it can possibly taste like real meat... haha. Good luck with your search when you come here this summer!

    Totally, I want that red velvet cupcake again!

    My craving for cupcakes never ends... and I am glad you like the site!


    One of my fave veg/vegan places to eat at is Life Thyme. I DON'T KNOW WHY.

    As for 'Snice, I've eaten their sandwiches before and they are good! I LOVE SAMMICHES.

  • Oooooh, I still have to go back and try the sandwiches. Everyone there looks so happy with their food!

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