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Petrossian and buttery goodness

More croissants! This time from Petrossian! Sometimes I get a little OCD with food choices and totally go overboard in trying them out. Speaking of OCD, that has become a really cool word. Kids my age like to say they have OCD and thus can or cannot do certain things. "I am a dork" is totally another phrase that is now cool. What is up with that? All these trends are not useful to me right now, but ten years ago? Hell yea! You see, inside of me is this little ball of energy called the STFU ball, and when it grows too big, I explode. If one more person tells me he/she is a dork because he/she likes scrabble or knitting, I WILL EXPLODE! I CANN HAZ COMBUSTION! or something. Now let me tell you how I was dorking it out while eating croissant + cookie.

petrossian-croissant-innards petrossian-croissant-2

I think Petrossian's croissant is amongst the best in the city. It is difficult to rate these things linearly but this is definitely one to try. If you go, try to go as early as possible because you never know if they sell out fast. During my OCD quest for croissants, three different places ran out of croissants. The croissant had a nice buttery taste and as you can see from the pictures, the innards are like labyrinths, each encapsulating pockets of deliciousness. Actually I think that made the croissant lighter even though the thing probably has butter embedded in its DNA.


The double chocolate pecan cookie is also a good choice. It is filled with chocolate goodness and the pecans offered a nice crunch. If you like chocolate, this cookie is for you. Although, if you do not like expensive cookies, you might want to skip it. I think this cookie was about $3. When I first sat down to eat this cookie, I only ate half of it because my brain said, "Dude, you just ate a dollar and two quarters. Save some for later." And if you save the cookie until you are home after a long subway ride, the cookie tastes even better.

Compared to the Bouchon cookie, I would probably take the Bouchon cookie three out of four times. The reason mostly due to price, and the fact that the Petrossian double chocolate pecan cookie lacks the chewiness factor. If I want to be in a chocolatey dreamland, and Jacques Torres is far away, then Petrossian is a good bet.

cookie-vs-quarter double-chocolate-cookie-innard

Petrossian Boutique & Cafe
911 7th Ave .
New York, NY 10019

Map to find Petrossian Boutique & Cafe

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