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Blue Sky Bakery

Over on 5th Avenue in Park Slope, there is a quaint little bakery tucked in the middle of unassuming stores. You can easily miss Blue Sky Bakery, unless you happen to be looking for the Law Office of Jesus and peek next door to investigate the source of the delicious aroma that fills the air. No seriously. It is right next to where a guy named Jesus has a law office. Not only do I pinky swear it is true, but there is photographic evidence to prove as such.


I am going to start this off by telling you what not to get. Skip the chocolate chip cookies. They have a plain chocolate chip cookie and one that is oatmeal. Both are really flat, and they really just do not do anything for me. However, they are under a dollar and you can try it for yourself but I would just forget about the cookies. Neither version is spectacular.

The almond croissant is pretty decent. I do not go around eating almong croissants everywhere, therefore it is a tough thing to compare. What are the characteristics of a good croissant? Besides yumminess? I do not remember if the croissant was pleasantly flaky but the middle part definitely was nice and almond-y. Is that a word? Do try the almond croissant though.

almond-croissant almond-croissant-innards

First time that I got a blueberry muffin from Blue Sky Bakery was a life altering experience. The second time was just okay. But it is always better the first time right? The first blueberry muffin experience was exceptional because I was just pecking away at the muffin, and it was an okay muffin, very muffiny and moist. A bad muffin would be dry and this was pretty good. I worked my way to the middle of the muffin to discover a pocket of gooey goodness. Gooey in this instance was a good thing because the goodness was very good; it was basically a pocket of warm blueberries. I had never encountered such delight before in a muffin.

blueberry-muffin-otherside blueberry-muffin-closeup

So there I was, standing on the subway platform having a Lou Gerhig moment thinking, "Today I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of this earth." (if you are not a baseball fan, I just lost you, but youtube rocks.) So a week later I went back and got another muffin, because it is nice to get lucky feel like a lucky man. The second time, the muffin lacked the special surprise in the middle. And I was saddened, although the muffin was still as tasty, and quite enjoyable, it was just not the same.

It is only $1.85 for a muffin, which is quite reasonable for Park Slope. I totally recommend you check it out if you ever have a chance. And I will be sure to write more about random things in the next post because I noticed that today I lost two RSS subscribers. Phooey. By the way, if you want to subscribe, my RSS link is in the top right part of the side bar, next to that orange icon. You know, just in case you wanna stay up-to-date on most irrelevant food blog ever.


Blue Sky Bakery
53 5th Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Map to find Blue Sky Bakery

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  • you know who has good croissants? Patisserie Claude's on West 4th.

  • Flaky, butterly and smooth without being heavy, that’s the secret but obviously well kept in Paris ;-) I would kill for good croissants in NYC !!

  • The almond croissant looks like what we've always called a bear claw. Love them -- now I have to go in search of!

  • "because it is nice to (get lucky) feel like a lucky man."


    I was going to comment on the muffin...but now I forget what I planned to say!

  • Happy Birthday. and happy groundhogs day.

  • How about a name king KING!

  • Ang,
    Oh really? I have to go find Patisserie Claude on West 4th now..

    oooooh, I totally shoulda asked you what makes for a good croissant! You have not found a good one in the city yet?

    A bear claw you say? I have heard of that term but never really knew what it was... what goes inside a bear claw?

    But it is trueeeee! haha. Wow, I need to learn to talk about the relevant things on a FOOD blog. goodness. :)


    Hmm.. maybe?

  • 'Et non' ! i haven't found yet, but i should try claude i guess. Oh, and happy birthday ;-)

  • Thanks! Yea I have to go try Claude too, but first I have to find where it is... hmmm

  • Google is my friend :) Patisserie Claude on 4th st, between Barrow and Jones.

  • Did they have chocolate croissants? Definitely my favorite. Pain Quotidien has a good description of what goes into a perfect croissant:

    "Pure butter - about 30% of the croissant - is lovingly rolled into the basic dough to form a final croissant dough that has 16 layers of butter and pastry."

  • Hi Shayna, thanks for stopping by! Wow, 30 percent of a croissant is butter. I guess that is good that they are flakey and light, because if it was 30 percent by volume, that would be a lot...

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