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Pumpkin cupcakes and country song

A few weeks ago I stopped by Amai to get some dessert. It was after I had french toast and syrup, therefore the only logical thing was you know, eat more sugar. The woman behind the counter had this tray of fresh out of the oven cupcakes and they looked super tasty. They do a lot of tea stuff at Amai and I got one tea cookie to try out.


The pumpkin cupcake was absolutely awesome. The cupcake itself was pillowy soft, and the frosting on top was a nice touch that was not too sweet. Generally I love super sweet frosting, but it is nice to see that the cupcake at Amai has some finese and does not try to overwhelm you. The taste is subtle and delicious. If you get a chance to try it, I do recommend.


The tea cookie was just okay. Tea is a big thing at Amai (seeing as the full name is Amai Tea and Bak House), but I think shortbread type of cookies just are not my thing? Or perhaps tea cookies are not my thing? Maybe if I could get a chocolate fountain to go with the cookie and dip the tea cookie into the chocolate... just a thought.

Oh and if you are wondering whether the title of this means that they played country songs at Amai, the answer is no. I am simply trying to find aid to help me write blog posts when I am feeling unmotivated, and today's motivation is a country song that has nothing to do with food. I just listen to it because somewhere out there my sister is cringing and saying to herself, "YOU DON'T DESERVE THE CUPCAKE! STOP LISTENING TO COUNTRY!" Well I do and I am.

171 3rd Avenue .
New York, NY 10003

Map to find Amai

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  • hey danny, haven't stopped by in a while but just wanted to remind you are an amazing photographer. blog is closer to brangelina status every day

  • whatever, I don't care if you listen to country. although, if you're listening to billy ray cyrus, I think some people might question your taste.

  • Caitlin,
    Thanks for stopping by again! I am trying my best to get to brangelina status. Thank you for the motivation. haha.

    No comment on the artist.

  • BEAUTIFUL photo! I might need to have lessons from you. Just got an early Xmas present, an Olympus digital SLR. Not so handy with it yet but it's a process, right? Any basic tips on food photog?

    And while we're at it, I also need some pastry skillz. Wanna be able to wield a pastry bag like a magic wand and turn icing into gorgeous curlicues and spirals AT WILL. Oh why can't I quit my job and doodle around the kitchen all day?

  • The photos are gorgeous! Wow, I am really impressed. Thanks for stopping by and eating more sweets, even after a french toast run. I'm impressed :) I'm glad you liked the cupcakes. Maybe next time you can try a Champagne Brownie instead of the tea cookies. When you want chocolate, nothing else will do. ~Kelli (Amai)

  • What a cute cupcake!

  • I think you would love the "Botanical Brownies" - they are sooo good...with or without music of any kind!!! :-)

  • Nora,
    Thank you! Oooh cool, new SLR. You are right, it is a process and it is a fun process. The number one tip I got in the beginning (just three months ago), was TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES.

    Thank you Kelli! I will try to stop by and try the Champagne Brownie next time!

    I agree. More cupcakes should look like that.

    haha, Botanical Brownies. They sound like a trip.

  • Wow- I love your blog! I am jealous of your awesome pictures. Some of the best I have seen on yet. I also love how your life seems to revolve around food and sports much like mine! (Can't wait for march madness to finally begin!)

    Anyway- just wanted to let you know I was in Amai the other day and they had chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting. I have to go back and try them because I loved their pumpkin a well.

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