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Sometimes writing a blog feels very narcisstic. I try to keep that in check by listening to music that make me question my own depreciating level of manliness. Does that make sense? I mean, it is not like I have Celine Dion and Michael Bolton playing or anything. Then I tell myself, "see, look at you, you are not even cool enough to be a hipster or listen to rap, hell you are listening to [blank]." I left that blank because incriminating evidence is just not necessary. Suffice to say the songs on my playlist are not covered in Guitar Hero III (well, except Pat Benatar because everyone loves "Hit me with your best shot"). Oh there I go again, deviating away from the subject at hand. The weather is playing tricks on me. Everyday I look at the ten day forecast and they tell me it will get warm in a few days. Those lying bastards, today is ten degrees colder than it is supposed to be. Well, when it is this cold, you drink hot chocolate. Really good hot chocolate, but one that makes you wonder, "Is New York growing on me? Because I just paid three dollars for a hot chocolate. THREE DOLLARS." Who can put a price on deliciousness though? I can.

chocolate-chip-cookie city-bakery-bag

One hot chocolate, one pretzel croissant, one chocolate chip cookie from City Bakery aaaaaand that comes out to about ten dollars. Jeebus. I heard good things about the cookie and had to give it a shot. Robin over at The Girl Who Ate Everything has said great things about the cookie too. It was a good cookie. Sometimes you pay a lot for a little cookie, but the cookie from City Bakery was bigger than normal. If you look at the cookies in the farmers market, and how most of those cost at least $2 dollars, the price seems more justified. The cookie had a nice crunch when you first bite into it, and in the center it had a good amount of chewiness. And somewhere in the background you hear Rihanna and Neyo say, "haaate that I love youuuuu soooooo" because you cost three friggin dollars. If I were one to cry about cookies, then here is where tears would be shed, but I am not like that you see. Never. (There, it is on record now).


The hot chocolate was very much like the Jacques Torres hot chocolate, in that it was thick and delicious. I think it was only degrees of thickness from being a chocolate syrup, and you know me, sell chocolate syrup in a cup and I will be there. See, I am fierce like that, despite my lack of musical tastes.

Aside from the cookie and the hot chocolate, I had to get the other famous thing at CB, and that was the pretzel croissant. It was... salty and croissanty? It was a very good snack, but if I had taken it home and warmed it up a little, it would have tasted even better. The crust with the sesame seeds had a flavorful and salty kick to it that reminded me of a pretzel, and the innards were like a croissant. It was pretty genius, whoever invented that.

They should always combine two good things into one. And I would love to name some things on here, but I promise not to cuss and use NC-17 language on this blog. What a shame. Oh would ya look at that, lunch time.


The City Bakery
3 W. 18th St.
New York, NY 10011

Map to find The City Bakery

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  • how much weight are you gaining from the food on this blog?

  • Not enough. The sky is the limit.

  • watch out! Gaining weight is easy for me,but loosing weight is another story. Nothing is more important than health.

  • whoaaa, all of a sudden this here comments section took a turn for the boring. this is a food blog y'all, if Danny started reporting on Fiber One and raw carrots I wouldn't be reading

  • i actually like the fiber one bars. and they keep me regular. as in poo.

  • Oh the City bakery hot chocolate....yep, almost like a chocolate syrup! But I found the one from Jacques Torres quite different - it is thinner and taste wise as well. It was one of the best ones I had.

    Beautiful picture of the hot chocolate!! :))

  • heehee, guitar hero? :) gotta luv that!

    anyhoo, i tried the pretzel croissant too and it was so awesome! wish i lived in nyc... then again, if i did, my waistline would totally expand by 100%!

  • Chicago,
    I agree, but gaining weight is so much fun.

    No Fiber One, no raw carrots. Just because you said so. This blog will be filled with butter, heavy cream, and fat. No worries yo.

    Actually I like prunes because those things go down like candy.

    You think the one from Jacques Torres is thinner? Wow. Hmm.. maybe I need to go again but I like both of them! Glad you like the picture too.

    Guitar Hero.. I am very bad at it. Even my friend's girlfriend (who does not play video games) can beat me. It makes me just want to eat pretzel croissants all day...

  • I do agree with Tea. The CB hot chocolate is thicker than JT's. It's almost impossible to finish the CB's entire cup by myself. It's very filling but oh so delicious.

    Well, if you go to City Bakery's "greener" stores called Birdbath (located in the West or East Village), they have cheaper cookies but it tastes the same. I wrote about it a while ago.

  • Tina,
    Oooh Birdbath you say? I shall find some time to hop over to the village and look for it soon then. Thanks for the info!

  • Oko reminds me of Birdbath, with all of their "green" decorations.

  • dude your singing! Classic!

  • Haha, yea me singing is definitely a sight to see.

  • I'm happy to say, we finally got Pretzel Croissants out here in Northern California. They are not salted (which is easy to fix), but such a wonderful treat. Ask my ass ... it's wearing several croissants as we speak. Fortunately, they are only available Sunday mornings at our Farmer's Market, or I'd eat twice as many.

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