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Roasted Bone Marrow from Landmarc

Roasted Bone Marrow at Landmarc

A couple of weeks ago, Mark Bittman did a story on Fergus Henderson's bone marrow dish. As luck would have it, I found myself in the Time Warner Center the other day, and the restaurant Landmarc had roasted bone marrow on their menu too. I have never had bone marrow before, at least not roasted ones from the bones of a cow. One of my cousins actually stopped eating beef a few years back because the mad cow thing. Hey, that just means more cow for me and more bones too for that matter.

Landmarc at the Time Warner Center is located on the third floor, next to the Bouchon Bakery. I have walked by during weekend afternoons and it generally was full. It was not bad when I went, and I sat at the bar. They had some other items on their menu but nothing else interested me besides the roasted bone marrow. The dish came with some toasted country bread, which was the same bread in the bread basket, salt, onion marmalade, and of course, bones!

Roasted Bone Marrow up close marrow chunk

The way you eat bone marrow is that you scoop up the marrow from the bone and you smear it all over the toast. Then you sprinkle some salt on top of it for flavor. If you want, the onion marmalade actually is a good touch but that is totally up to you. The key is the salt because without it, the bone marrow taste is just dull; salt really brings the flavor out. The marrow itself is basically condensed beefiness in jelly-like form. It is almost like when you take a piece of bread to soak up leftover juices from a beef dish, except this bread is nice and toasty, and the marrow is more robust than leftover juices from any dish. I really recommend you try this if you ever get a chance.

onion marmalade marrrow toast

You know when you are young and your mom always tells you, "Do not play with your food?" Well, that is one of the fun parts of growing up - you get to play with your food. So after I finished eating the yummy bone marrow, it seemed like a great idea to stack all the bones up and take a picture. Voila. Lunch and the leaning tower of bones. Have a good weekend kids and a quick shout out (do the cool kids still say that?) to Casey for aging another year.


10 Columbus Circle.
New York, NY 10019

Map to find Landmarc

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  • did you leave the bones stacked like that when you left the restaurant?

  • No, the bartender took it away. I do not know if she was amused though.

  • Oh, I remember this dish when it opened within a couple of days. It was pretty tasty (and fatty) despite its gelatinous nature that was a tad of a turnoff to eat.

    I would never thought of stacking the bones like that! Looks fun to do.

  • Oh bone marrow is fatty? Oops. It did not taste fattening, it was just delicious.

  • haha im honored you put me into ur post. :D

  • Well I aim to please you know. haha.

  • gys are stupid.its nice.yummi.....................

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