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Junmen Ramen has a good bowl of noodles

One of the things that is really new about being a parent is the little things that make you geek out and have a positive reaction. I can imagine this is what life is like for people who love cosplay or bird watching. Before the baby, I remember there were times when I would feel proud over a lame-ass attempt at a recipe and Steph would lovingly tell me it's edible even if it was merely mediocre. Now, I realize that type of proud feeling pales in comparison to something like watching the baby do any little thing like, "He put his hands together!" And it sounds facetious but it really isn't. Just go google 'instagram baby' and you'll see parents love capturing moments of their baby. And all this time oogling our baby certainly makes any moment of eating out at a restaurant kind of rare. We have eaten brunch a couple of times but always within ear shot of our apartment in case we need to rush home. I took 25 minutes of a lunch break to eat ramen alone at Jun-Men Ramen the other day.... [Continue reading]

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