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Popup of Jenni ice cream

Damn you iPhone 6. Every time I walk by the store, there's a line of Chinese immigrants standing outside. Sure, I'm guilty of stereotyping them, but if the ones in front of the Apple store barely speak English and basically stand there to sell their phones to middle men who then sell it in China. For now, we wait for the Chinese market to be satisfied first? How many people over there could possibly want to pay 3x, which is 2100 dollars for a phone? I'm just not sure.... What I am sure about is that even though today is the first day of Autumn, it's still good time to eat ice cream. After eating smoked whitefish donburi at Ivan Ramen Slurp Shop, we walked 10 seconds around the corner to Jenni's ice cream, which had a popup at the Gotham West Market.... [Continue reading]

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