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A shakeburger to take me away

We lived in Washington Heights for three years. While there are nice things about any neighborhood, I remember the neighbor who blasts his video games and movies at 3 or 4 am on weeknights. Our last night in Washington Heights, merengue music pounded through our window like someone really wanted to test the limits of his or her stereo. It started around 3am and only ended shortly before 5am. Dog shit on the ground was common. Cat calls were common. Maybe really liberal folks think loitering is fine, but those liberals probably live in nicer areas. Loitering is not fine. Moving back to Brooklyn was for sanity, just look at what's involved. That mansplaination brings me to the very real idea that you can find these pockets of New York City where you feel like there's an oasis away from the hustle and bustle. Those pockets are... yuppier. Food used to transplant me away from this city on a regular basis, now a little less so. Still, what never fails is a burger from Shake Shack. That makes me forget.... [Continue reading]

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