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Amazing dumplings at Mimis

Last month, one of my favorite podcasts, Planet Money, came out with a story about how and why women computer science majors are so few compared to men, and compared to other sciences or med/law school. It's a super interesting story so I encourage you all to listen to it, but my response to that is... those women who otherwise would have been CS majors... y'all are lucky you're in something else more interesting. I think in 2014, there's this craze that, "OMG, all these white guys are becoming million or billionaires but what's the minority count in Silicon Valley or where are the women?&quo; The truth is, the ones who strike it rich in Silicon Valley are the 1% of computer science majors. I don't say 1% as in how their net worth is compared to the rest of the CS majors, eve though that applies. I'm talking about the pure number of CS majors there are in the United States and what percentage of them end up at a startup and end up in the seven figures and above net worth. It's just not that common. What is common? Being an average CS major with a job. I can tell you about that. It's boring. And no fun. So those women that missed out on being a CS major? Y'all ain't missing shit. While we're on the 1%, let's talk about the 1% of dumplings in NYC. They're at Mimi Cheng's Dumplings.... [Continue reading]

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