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Fancy seafood lunch at Marea

Marea by Central Park South is a great option if you want to try something fancy for lunch without breaking your budget. Of course Marea is an Italian restaurant so you have to be in the mood for that. As far as whether it's a deal... they have a 'business lunch' which is $45 and gives you two courses. The five course seafood tasting menu is $80. For a very classy restaurant that has fairly good star ratings, this is probably a fair price. I like to think of two course for $45 as paying $30 for an entree or a 'secondo', while your appetizer is $15. While not super affordable I think for the type of restaurant that Marea strives to be, it's a doable deal that those who love eating should try at some point. We went with the five course tasting because we were treating ourselves a few months ago as a Christmas gift. That's how long my blogging backlog is...... [Continue reading]

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