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Eat halo halo before summer ends

This past Saturday I tried to record a podcast with Jeremy and Ming. What I learned about podcasting is that it's basically work. It requires a lot of planning. The same reason that my tiny food blog hasn't taken off is probably the same reason I'll never end up doing podcasts. First of all, you need some damn equipment because microphones apparently do not grow on trees. Then you have to be good at talking. I seriously cannot remember the last time I had a phone conversation longer than eight minutes with anyone other than wifey. You gotta know how to stay on topic and do research so you ask the right questions. I ain't Edward R Murrow. What I am though, is a dude who likes shaved ice. We went after dinner at Bar Primi.... [Continue reading]

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Summer ice cream and GMO food

By far the best news I heard about today was that Neil deGrasse Tyson defended genetic modification of food. Hurray for GMO food! One of the things... [more]

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