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Soft Parade beer by Shorts Brewing Company

Beer I think is a very personal choice sometimes. It says as much about you as the clothes you choose to wear. Whereas some choose a resplendent suit, others opts for chic bum. In beer, some opt for the Champagne of beers, and others want microbrewery fanciness. In Michigan, I wanted to try something that was more unique to the area. Maybe it's possible to buy beer from Short's Brewery in New York as well, but in Michigan it's even easier. Short's Brewing Company is a brewery that's in Upper Michigan and they seem to have a decent reputation on BeerAdvocate. While the type of producer of the beer says something about a person, perhaps the actual type of beer says even more. Some folks like really hoppy beer, some like easy drinking, I prefer beers aimed at women. Yes, you read that right, I like my beer the way beer makers think of women beer drinkers. You make of that what you will...... [Continue reading]

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