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Ample Hills has a hard ice cream sandwich

At some point in my life, instead of going to the school that was a five minute bike ride away from my house, I got bussed into an inner city school in order to learn English more easily. Little did I or my parents know, all I needed wasn't a special teacher, but just five things to learn English: Leonardo, Donatello, Rafael, Michaelangelo and Lavar Burton. One that thing I saw about the inner city school was that during recess, double dutch was a thing. It was never so in the suburbs where we lived. Made me think that sometimes, some things just are how they are. You can't fuck with it. That's one thing I think hipsters in Brooklyn love to do, because that's our on-demand economy. Disrupt some shit. Do something you don't normally do, but sometimes it doesn't always work. Such as Ample Hill's summer ice cream sandwich. It just wasn't cohesive, and I don't give a fuck what any whitey tells you.... [Continue reading]

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